Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers December, 2014

President's Message

We really celebrated our club in style at the 2014 NKFF Banquet on Saturday, November 1st. It was a fun evening and so nice to see everyone come together to commend our accomplishments during 2014 and raise money for the good work of the club in the future. We had a great crowd and one of our most successful banquets yet.

I want to personally thank everyone for their generosity. Without your support, our fly fishing club would not be able to carry out its mission to preserve, conserve, and educate. I look forward to a robust 2015 and know that with everyone's support, we'll have yet another banner year.

Thanks for reading,

Joshua Rust

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Thursday, December 4th at Briarwood Banquets in Hebron, KY

WHEN: Thursday, December 4th
TIME: 5:30 PM – 10 PM
PLACE: Briarwood Banquet Facility (MAP)

DRESS: Casual

COST: $12.00 / person

Our speaker will be Marc Payne, writer at Stonefly Press, columnist at Southern Trout Magazine, and creator of The Perfect Drift, a fly fishing blog. Marc will tell us about all of the great fishing opportunities of eastern TN and western NC. This is going to be a very informative presentation on trout fishing Appalachia, one of NKFF's favorite haunts.

Fly Fisher Of The Year Award Renamed To Michael J Arnold Fly Fisherman Of The Year Award

Michael J Arnold Fly Fisher Of The Year Award 2014

The Michael J Arnold Fly Fisher Of The Year Award is an annual award that goes to an NKFF club member who has done the most to promote not only our club but also our sport, and is by far our most prestigious award that we can give. Each winner can only win once, and a special plaque is made up for them individually as well as a title plaque with their name on it to be attached to our FFOY display. These individuals are nominated by the Board of Directors and voted on by NKFF's past presidents. The current sitting president may vote in the case of a tie.

This year was an exceptional year in that we had a tie in voting. I however decided not to cast a tie breaker vote, as both nominees have demonstrated exceptional qualities in support of our club and our sport, and we decided to give two awards this year. Each winner received both their own personal plaque as well as an individual name plate on our FFOY display.

Tom Bader

Tom Bader has been a long time member of this club. He has been responsible for leadership in so many ways and has promoted our club to many outside organizations. He has spent the year doing some monumental things, getting programs in order, taking on huge tasks, and using his sound judgment in club matters. He has picked up the slack in more ways than most club members will know and I am very proud to announce his award of 2014 Michael J Arnold Fly Fisher of The Year.

Bill Mihaly

Our second award goes to someone who has been a pillar in this club for many years, doing a job that not many others want to do. He is present at almost any event, even if he's travelling he shows up late to do his role within the club and wrap things up. He does so much to promote the club not only within it, but from outside it. He is a constant presence and one that I am so happy to recognize as our second Michael J Arnold Fly Fisher of The Year.

President's Leadership Award: Josh Lillard

The Presidential Leadership Award is designated for someone who has shown outstanding leadership in our club. This person has demonstrated leadership not only in our club, but in the fishing and conservation community at large, pressing our issues at other organizations and leading events that really impact the organization. I have really seen him come into his own this past year, and his enthusiasm and drive for excellence is inspiring. I have full confidence that you'll hear about him more and more as he continues to lead and inspire others not only in our club, but around all of Kentucky. The Presidential Leadership Award goes to Josh Lillard. Congrats Josh!

President's Advisor Award: Craig Troescher

Every good leader has people they can count on to give them an honest opinion, even if it's not something they want to hear, but gives them enough confidence to take their advice without questioning.

This award goes to someone who has acted as an advisor not only to myself, but to many others in the club, and I rely on him heavily in understanding the different facets of an issue, and to keep the club on track.

The Presidential Advisor Award goes to Craig Troescher. Congratulations Craig!

President's Impact Award: Sheila Meyer

The presidential impact award should exemplify a member who is both new to the club and has also made a substantial impact in not only the way we do things now, but how we'll do them in the future. I remember meeting this person briefly at a fishing trip down in Frankfort. I soon saw her again and again at meeting after meeting, event after event, always volunteering to help out, willing to do the hard things and come up with big ideas for new things.

This person eventually joined our board and has picked up a lot of things that needed to be done, and continues making a big impact. She brings a fresh perspective, a jolt of enthusiasm, and I'm glad that we have her to help us out.

The Presidential Impact Award goes to Sheila Meyer. Congrats Sheila!

President's Exemplar Award: Jarold Benson

An exemplar is a person that serves as an excellent role model for others. This particular person gives of himself not only to the club, but to many other organizations as well. He is an example of someone who embodies the spirit of service to others.

A person that I consider one of the most interesting people in the world, and someone who inspires me to give and serve others both in my talents and time, is someone that all of us know. The Presidential Exemplar Award goes to Jarold Benson. Congrats JB!

Christmas NKFF Logoed Apparel

We've had a lot of requests for some new types of NKFF-logo clothing over the past few meetings so Larry Giffin (Wizard of NKFF-Wear) put together some SPECIAL ORDER items you might be interested in. Click on the NKFF Apparel tab at the top of the page to see pictures and descriptions of the new items plus the required Order Form.