Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers August 2014

President's Message

I've been overwhelmed by all of the successes NKFF has experienced this year. We have done tremendous work promoting our values on conservation and fly fishing education, growing the club in membership, and reaching out to other organizations to collaborate on new regional opportunities. Beyond all of these successes, NKFF has remained what it's always been: FUN.

I like to think of NKFF as a "social club with a fly fishing problem", and when I attend our meetings, go on a fishing trip, look at all of the pictures of events from Meetup, follow the convesations on our Facebook page, and talk to individual members, I see that coming out. I want to thank everyone for what they do for the club and encourage them to keep it up. And of course, make sure you tell a friend about all we do and bring them to a meeting.

Thanks for reading,

Joshua Rust

Our Next Meeting

NKFF is back indoors for the fall/winter season now. Our next meeting will be at Briarwood Banquet on the first Thursday (October 2nd) of the month. We’ve got a great program planned plus maybe a few interesting mini-seminars before dinner. Dinner will go back to our regular $12 cost for whatever Briarwood decides to serve us. It’s always a surprise and always great. 

First Timers (Guests or new members) dinners are on NKFF. Just please make a reservation and give us your name.
Please make your reservations NOW so we can plan the meal.

Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Thursday September 4

Where: BRIARWOOD BANQUETS 2134 Petersburg Rd in Hebron, KY.

Reservations: RSVP on the Meetup site, email , or call Ramona Ridalls at (859) 466-7710

For Mini Seminars before dinner we're having:
     Arts & Crafts - Learn how to make your own Fly Fishing Lanyard and then take a 
     kit home with you (donations will be graciously accepted).

     Fly Tying - Come see NKFFer Paul Stegeman demonstrate the tying of his own
     pattern  "The Three-Minute Nymph".

We're having Tom Schrodt and Valerie Askren, authors of "Fly Fishing Kentucky". Click HERE to read Gary Garth’s Review of this great new fishing guide.


Hope to See You at the Meeting.